OLD Guide to install Microsoft Picture It! on Windows 10

Tested with the following products:

Microsoft Picture It! 7 / 9 / 10
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

UPDATE 01/30/2018
Use the new guide!

NEW Guide to install Microsoft Picture It! on Windows 10

I will use the following abbreviations:

Windows 7 -> W7
Windows 10 -> W10
Internet Explorer -> IE
Picture It! -> PI

1) Copy the entire contents of your installation disk to a folder on the Desktop, I called this folder PIDISK.

If the PI installation media is an ISO file, just open it and it will appear and behave like a CD, then follow step 1).

2) Download my ie6setup.exe file from here
and copy it to the folder
replacing the existing file with the same name.

3) At this point we are ready to launch the installation of PI that will finally be successful.

The file to open is setup.exe, it is in PIDISK.


The Library, which exists only in PI 10 and in Digital Image Suite, may not work: you launch it but it does not open.

This typically happens on a fresh clean install of W10 1709 both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Luckily, the fix is very simple, just add an entry (or two) in the Windows registry.

Download and open the file corresponding to your Windows version, authorize its execution, you will be prompted for confirmation two or three times.

For Windows 32 bit: SharedFilesDir 32bit.reg
For Windows 64 bit: SharedFilesDir 64bit.reg

After that the Library will work without having to do anything anymore.

I have modified my ie6setup.exe so that it also makes these corrections.

Important note for owner of Windows 10 1709 32 bit!

From my checks, the installation (without my trick) of PI on W10 1709 32 bit is successful, but it also installs IE6 and this is definitely a bad thing considering that we are now at IE11 and in no way two versions of IE should coexist.

So I recommend using this guide also for the installation on Windows 10 1709 32 bit.

Now all the details!

In tests on W7 with IE8 and on W10 1703 with IE11, PI was installed without problems and without pretending to install IE6.

The impossibility to install PI on W10 1709 64bit, but may be on other versions, is determined by its senseless claim to install IE6 on PCs that already have newer versions.

Probably the reason for this is that in W10 1709 the way in which the IE version is stored in the Windows registry is changed.

I could not find out this difference, otherwise it would have been even simpler:
I would have changed the registry key before starting the installation of PI that would have been successful without pretending to install IE6.

My trick

My trick basically does nothing but set up a single Windows registry key at the right time, to make the PI installation program believe that IE6 has been installed successfully, while in reality it was not installed at all.

The key is as follows:

on Windows 64 bit

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Active Setup\InstallInfo]

on Windows 32 bit

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\InstallInfo]

This key inserted in the Windows registry has no other function except this one.
At the end of the installation, if desired, it can be deleted.
To accomplish this, just run my ie6setup.exe file and authorize it to run.

My ie6setup.exe file was created starting from this file BAT
then converted to EXE using "Bat To Exe Converter"
How to convert BAT to EXE file on Windows

In case you encounter problems with your antivirus

Your antivirus could prevent you from downloading my EXE file and/or execute it:
if you trust me you can deactivate it for the time required for downloading it and installing PI.

If you do not trust me, create the EXE file yourself starting from the BAT, as explained a few lines above.

However, your antivirus could prevent you from downloading also my BAT file:
if this is the case then download the TXT version here https://goo.gl/oiS6Wr to which you will then change the extension to BAT.

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  1. Thank you so much for your post. MS Picture It Photo Premium works great after applying your suggested fix.
    Thanks to you, once again I am able to use my favorite photo editing software. Thank you.


  2. Thank you for the input! Great suggestion for this problem!

  3. Hi, I'm having problems trying to reinstall PI 10 on my 64bit Computer, I have read and tried your method and downloaded the exe file, replaced the existing one but when I click SETUP.EXE it says 'setup could not launch MS internet explorer 6.0 installation'
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance, Ste

    1. Hi Ste

      Tell me if I'm wrong:

      you are having exactly the same error as when you install without my EXE file?

      May be your antivirus is deleting silently my EXE file so nothing is changed really.
      Try disabling it for the time needed for all operations from download to install.

      Or try the already patched version of the installation package for Picture It! Photo Premium 10 EN-GB:

      But the antivirus problem may arise anyway.

  4. Hi Gianni

    Wow, thank you so much, disabling my antivirus solved this! :)

    There is a MS Picture It fb page, can I post your link on that page?, as there's a lot of people with the same problem and just by chance I found your post.



    Tutto hail Gianni Il Genio

    1. Hi Ste

      I have already posted there but I haven't received any feedback!

      I have just discovered another way to install without any modification to the installation package, so wait that I rewrite my guide than post it freely where you like.

      The new and easy solution is at this link:

      new and easy solution

  5. Hi Gianni

    I must have missed it there also, but your post came up in google after looking for a while. I will repost.

    Again, Many thanks


  6. Hi Gianni
    I followed all of your instructions and was delighted to see PI again. However, when my antivirus was reactivated it found a Trojan in your IE file.

  7. I'm aware of this, but is a false-positive.

    Why did not you use the NEW Guide as recommended at the beginning of the article?

    1. worked fine for me .Thanks a lot.

    2. Hi again, Gianni,
      I must have miss-read the initial instructions. Thank you for pointing out my error.
      Following the New Guide my favourite version of PI installed quickly and simply. Thank you very, very, much for your help.

  8. Hi Gianni, thank you very much and congratulations !! I have been both PI (PI 10 premium and PI 7) successfully installed on win 10.. They are working without problems.. I tried 3 mounts ago to solve a problem but not same a way like you, I tried IE6 to install on system direct, sure I recieved error. Now it is solved :)

  9. Vraiment fantastique, ça marche super bien, cela faisait des heures que je recherchais le moyen d'installer picture it sur mon windows 10!

    Merci beaucoup, beau travail!

  10. Thank you for this. The ie6setup batch exe file worked great to get Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 up and running on v1803.

  11. I've been searching for a solution for this off and on for about a year now. THANKS a lot!

  12. You made my day!!!! Thank you so much. I had to install MS Works 7 on a Win10 ..1803 Build 17134.228 and with your solution it works :-)

  13. thank u very much.
    It works great!
    But you ie6setup.exe is not available.
    I create it with your bat file.

  14. I have PictureIt 10 installed on my Windows 10 laptop and it was working perfectly fine until recently. Now when I go to insert a photo into my project File Explorer hangs and then freezes and then I have to shut PictureIt down. I have many projects that I have made using PictureIt and I need to be able to access them. At the moment I can't use the program at all as it freezes when accessing file browser to insert anything at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hi!
    I can't download ie6setup.exe - Error.Not Found.Please, new upload from ie6setup.exe.

    1. The file is there, is your antivirus that removes it.
      It is an expected behavior and if you don't know how to manage it, it is better you follow the New Guide as recommended at the article beginning.

  16. ROSA MA OCHOA6 giugno 2019 00:28


  17. Hey Thanks Gianni, This worked for me! Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 on Windows 10 computer, and its 2020! I had to just download your batchfile, use a bat2exe application I found on google, and then I mounted and copied the whole .ISO CD contents into a new folder on the desktop, replaced the ie6 setup file with the newly created one and when I clicked the setup for MDIS2006 it just worked flawlessly. My ESET Antivirus was on the whole time, so thank you!

  18. Hello,
    I just have found this guide to install PictureIt. Sounds good, but it seems that the .exe file is not stored with theURL any more. Would you please upload it again or can you send it to me? Many thanks!

  19. Sorry, I've not recognized the link with the new guide. Just tested it and all was working fine. Great stuff! You are the best! Many Thanks.

  20. I installed Picture It! Photo 2001. The install finished but I can't see any photos. I can only see folders that contain the photos. If I double-click on the folder MSPI!Photo 2001 crashes. I actually have the Platinum Publisher CD set and the Photo 2001 disc. Neither of these programs can see the photos. I would really like to be able to use these programs.

    1. I can't help you with your specific issue.

      But you can try this:

      - uninstall your Picture It! Photo 2001 (that seem a too much old version)
      - reboot your pc
      - download this MS Photo Premium 10.zip
      - extract its content and install it preferably following my NEW Guide
      - please post feedback


  21. Gianni,
    Thank you for the link to a newer version of PI. I did get it installed and just trying to remember how to do things within the software.